5 Top Reasons for Having a Hotel Wedding

If you are getting married soon, you might want to consider hosting your big day at a hotel. PrideInn Azure General Manager Phillip Mbugua said hosting a wedding at a hotel takes away a lot of the stress that comes with planning for a wedding.

He noted that hosting a wedding at a hotel is usually an easy way of removing unwanted worries about guests and the services that the wedding guests receive.

Below are the top advantages of exchanging vows at a hotel, according to the expert.

1. Experienced Staff

Ordinarily, a couple would need to get ushers tasked with ensuring that everything goes smoothly and that everyone is comfortable. The couple would also need waiters to serve the guests’ food if they do not hire catering services.

However, should a couple settle on hosting a wedding at a hotel, all these challenges are eliminated. Most hotels usually have experienced staff who are experienced at organizing weddings. The staff would ensure everyone gets a seat and food.

2. Décor services

Hosting a wedding at a hotel also eliminates the need for acquiring décor services. According to the expert, most hotels have elegant and good quality décor best suited for weddings.

Mbugua said hotels that hold weddings usually have elaborate décor best suited for weddings, so the couple would not need to fret about the venue’s appearance.

3. Convenience

Hosting a wedding at a hotel also ensures convenience for the couple. For instance, the couple could exchange their vows in the hotel’s garden and hold the reception in the ballroom.

Most hotels also offer rooms where the couple getting married prepares for the wedding day. Most hotels also have a bar or lounge section where guests could also get served.

Hotels are also convenient in that the couple and the guests could take up the hotel’s accommodation after the wedding.

4. Ample facilities

A couple that chooses to host a wedding at a hotel also benefits from the several facilities that hotels offer. For instance, a good hotel has ample parking, clean bathrooms, and enough sitting space for wedding goers.

This means that a couple gets to save on costs such as renting out seats and tents and in some cases, portable toilets.

5. Catering services

A couple that hosts their wedding at a hotel also gets to enjoy the convenience of not worrying about the logistics of serving a big crowd.

Mbugua noted that a couple would not need to look for their caterers, sample different foods or even worry about cutleries!

“If a couple takes their wedding to a hotel such as PrideInn Azure offers, then they instantly take off so many worries off their plate,” he said.